• What being Carbon Neutral means to us
  • ...and why you should vote for skiNorway in the British Travel Awards 2018

Why We Offer Carbon Neutral Ski holidays in Scandinavia

What being Carbon Neutral means to us

By now you have probably heard us mention that all our holidays are Carbon Neutral. It’s something we’re proud of both for us and our destinations, but also for our clients and our own families. This week we wanted to talk to you a bit more about our Carbon Neutral Pledge, what it means to us, and why we think it means you should vote for us in the British Travel Awards 2018.

Our commitment to skiing now, and in the future

Deciding to offer Carbon Neutral holidays was part of a larger commitment to sustainable travel that we have pledged to AITO – the Association of Independent Tour Operators. We could have chosen anything, but ultimately, once we realised that carbon neutral travel was something we could feasibly offer, it was the only choice for us.

Very simply, everyone across the skiScandinavia teams love skiing and winter sports, and most of us have families who love skiing and all things winter as well. This was one huge way that we could help protect skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, husky sledding, snowmobiling, snow-shoeing and everything else snow related, now and into the future, for everyone.

Why we use carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting allows us to provide carbon neutral holidays. It’s internationally recognised and as well as helping to offset climate change influencing carbon, it also provides a myriad of other social and environmental benefits in the project areas.

Earlier this summer, our customers and followers helped us to choose one of our projects for 2018-19. They decided we would support a borehole rehabilitation project in Uganda. The direct offsetting aspect of this project is the reduced use of firewood to boil water to make it safe to drink, but there are numerous additional benefits: work is provided to mend and maintain wells and boreholes, communities have a focal point again, women and children don’t have to walk miles every day to fetch water and so can concentrate on school and other aspects of their lives.

Our ongoing project to support tree planting in the UK has similar knock on benefits. In the future the trees will sequester carbon, but right now, by providing trees in school grounds we enrich the lives of local children, providing outdoor learning activities and the opportunity to learn about native plants and their local environment.

All these additional benefits mean that each of our holidays enriches not only the lives of our customers, but also the lives of families who might never get the opportunity to go on a skiing holiday. And that is something we’re honoured to be able to offer.

What we’ve achieved so far

We introduced Carbon Neutral Holidays in October 2017 and so far we have offset more than 180tonnes of Carbon. We’ve done that by planting 90 trees in UK schools, protecting 90 trees in the Amazon rainforest, and supporting solar power projects in India.

This year we’re aiming to offset 300tonnes of Carbon, which will mean 150 new trees in UK schools and 150 protected trees in the Amazon. It will also provide extensive support to our new borehole rehabilitation project in Uganda.

The Best Ski and Winter Sports Tour Operator 2018

We hope that our customers are as proud as we are about everything we’ve achieved.

We believe our Carbon Neutral Holidays are just one of the reasons we should be the Best Ski and Winter Sports Tour Operator in the 2018 British Travel Awards and we hope you agree and would consider voting for us here: https://www.britishtravelawards.com/btaform.php?nomLink=335
Voting closes on the 30th September 2018.

If you’d like to join us on an exceptional, carbon neutral skiing holiday we’d be thrilled to welcome you into the family. One of our team will be more than happy to discuss your holiday needs, so get in touch today; call 0207 199 6015, email enquiries@ski-scandinavia.co.uk or enquire online here >>

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