Why Do We Travel?

Why do we travel? Or perhaps more importantly, why do we need to travel?

Many believe the urge to travel is ingrained in our human nature – an underlying drive and curiosity to seek new places, learn new things, and experience and explore the unknown.

Travel is more than just ‘going somewhere’. It provides a healthy form escapism and a therapeutic alternative to the predictable mundane day-to-day tasks we encounter in our everyday life.

By embracing travel, we begin to explore a different side to our identity and personality. It is an opportunity to reflect on life and experience self-discovery, personal growth, and purpose.

What you invest in travel, really is an investment in yourself - and we cannot think of a better way to remedy the trials and tribulations which accompany modern day life (stress, anxiety, depression, but to name a few) and get away from it all in a far away land.

In the words of Roman philosopher Seneca, we really do believe that “travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.”

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