When is the best time to ski in Arctic Norway?

From hunting the Aurora to incredible off-piste skiing

An Arctic skiing holiday can be as diverse as you, and depending on what kind of holiday you’re after depends on what time of year is best for you. Whether you’re looking for somewhere new and unique to ski, are in search of incredible off-piste and ski touring locations or want to combine skiing alongside seeing the Northern Lights, here are our top tips on when the best time for your winter holiday in the Arctic.

Deciding when to travel?

Winter in the Arctic is a magical time of year but there are big differences in day length, temperature and skiing conditions between the start of the ski season in December through to the end of the skiing in May. From the stunning winter twilight and the beautiful Aurora that dances overhead, to the long days of spring where you can ski from fjord top to sea level on perfectly groomed pistes or through untouched powder.


December and January in Arctic Norway is a period of magical twilight and dancing Auroras and is an ideal time to visit if you’d like to combine a bit of skiing with Northern Lights hunting and a cosy winter holiday. The pistes are generally open from the start of December and floodlit slopes mean that there is plenty of skiing to be had despite the days being somewhat shorter. Temperatures are at their coldest at this time of year, and you can expect average temperatures to vary from a few degrees below zero at the coast to -15oC or lower further inland.

Late winter

By February the quickly lengthening days, milder temperatures and lots of snow throughout mid-winter make this a great time to hit the slopes. At this time of year the nights are still long and dark enough for the Aurora to reliably appear, which makes this a great time of year to maximise both your skiing and chances of seeing the Northern Lights.


For excellent skiing conditions both on and off the pistes, March and April in Arctic Norway are difficult to beat. Long days and a good chance of both blue sky days or a fresh dump of snow make spring skiing in the Arctic a tremendous all round skiing holiday. This is also a fantastic time of year to head off the beaten track for ski-touring and heli-skiing.

Where to ski in Arctic Norway: Narvikfjellet

The ski resort of Narvikfjellet is a heady cocktail of fjord-side slopes with incredible views, great snow surety and a fun selection of groomed runs. It is also widely lauded as the best off-piste skiing region in Scandinavia and is a fantastic base for powder hunting and ski-touring whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or a beginner. The slopes are open from December through to April, and as described above, each month has its own unique allure depending on what kind of holiday you’re looking for.

The town of Narvik itself is situated on one of the narrowest parts of Norway and is only 40 minutes from the Swedish boarder where you’ll find even more excellent ski resorts, like gnarly Riskgränsen – home of the Scandinavia Big Mountain championships – and beautiful Björkliden both with a great selection of slopes and off-piste routes to explore.

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