• In 2018-19 our offsetting has supported borehole rehabilitation in Uganda
  • We have helped plant 250 trees in the UK since 2017
  • One of our projects in 2017-18 supported a solar power project in India

Want to know more about our carbon neutral holidays?

Exceptional, carbon neutral holidays in Scandinavia

Did you know we offset the carbon footprint of all our holidays? And because we carbon offset your holiday it is carbon neutral. Not only that, the programmes we support in our offsetting also benefit national and local communities. This is our way of protecting the world we live in and love to travel through.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon Offsetting is a way of balancing the carbon released by an activity, event or lifestyle by ensuring that the same quantity of carbon is absorbed elsewhere. This balancing is done by calculating how much carbon is released by an activity, in our case, your holiday, and then buying carbon credits from accredited projects that absorb carbon elsewhere.

We work with Carbon Footprint to buy carbon credits which support international and national projects that absorb and prevent the release of carbon. These projects also have additional benefits which are just as vital to developing communities.

What projects do Scandinavian Travel support with their carbon offsetting?

We support two carbon offsetting projects which we believe reflect the beliefs of Scandinavian Travel and you, our customer.

  • Tree planting in the UK and protection in the Amazon
  • Borehole regeneration in Uganda – voted for by our customers

To ensure you are fully involved with our project, we encourage our customers to help us choose one of the 2 projects we support by asking you to vote. We’ll be voting again in the summer, so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page and your emails for your chance to be involved. You can read more about our carbon neutal holidays here.

Our achievements so far

Since we launched the project in 2017 we have offset 500 tonnes of carbon. This has supported the planting of 250 trees in UK schools and local communities and protected the same number in the Amazon through our tree planting project. Our second project has supported solar power development in India (2017-18) and helped regenerate vital boreholes in Uganda (2018-19), with far reaching environmental and social benefits to local communities.

By booking a holiday with one of the Scandinavian Travel companies you can be assured of several things:

  • An unforgettable, carbon neutral holiday
  • Exceptional, personalised service from enquiry to travel and beyond
  • Bespoke suggestions from our experts, from accommodation to activities to lessons

Get in contact with us to receive your personalised holiday proposal and book an extraordinary, carbon neutral holiday in Scandinavia. Use the 'ENQUIRE NOW' button below, email enquiries@ski-scandinavia.co.uk or call 0207 199 6015.

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