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The lowdown on Scandinavian apres

Whether you’re after a chilled week skiing, family fun, or all-night parties, Scandinavia has every option for every type of apres.

Whether you’re after a chilled week skiing, family fun, or all-night parties, Scandinavia has every option for every type of apres. From toasting by a log fire with a hot chocolate, and family-friendly activities, through to dance-on-the-table live music, here’s our lowdown on how to get the most of your apres in Scandinavia. 

The down-time

From Sunday to Thursday, apres is generally relaxed and chilled throughout the season. This makes our resorts perfect for families, couples, and those who would rather sit by a log fire or enjoy a quiet meal through the week, before making the most of an early start on the mountain the next morning, without a sore head!

Larger hotels are more set up for families and those wanting a bit of peace, so are more relaxed areas, allowing you to make use of the restaurants for a quiet meal, a relaxed drink in the bar, enjoying the spa facilities, or even an early night.

Each resort is set up with its own local activities, from swimming pools and bowling alleys to cinemas and spas, so just ask when you book or ask one of the representatives in resort, they can help you find something fun to do in the resort you are in.

The party-time

On Fridays and Saturdays, resorts generally come to life, with most bars playing live music, bands, or DJs through the night. For those after a bigger  party scene, New Year week, Norwegian Easter and the end of the season are usually the most lively weeks, with plenty of Scandinavian parties, playing live music, world music, and attracting party-goes young and old.

But don’t fret if you’re out in those weeks, as the parties are usually contained in the bars and on-mountain locations, away from the main hotels and accommodation areas.

The exception to this is the award-winning Fjallgarden hotel in Sweden’s Åre where there are plenty of live music and wild apres-parties all season long – though even there, you can still find some spectacular lounges and spas to relax after a beautiful day on the mountain.

How we can help

Our friends at skiNorway, skiFinland, skiSweden & skiIceland, can find you the perfect accommodation and resort to support your group, whether you’re a family looking for a relaxing week on the slopes, a couple looking for some advanced slopes, or a large group looking to celebrate something special. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to advise good places to go, whatever you’re looking for on your ski holiday.

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