Another Fantastic Winter

Thank you to everyone who joined us

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and across Scandinavia; Winter 2018-19 has been another incredible season.

We launched our carbon offsetting programme back in 2017 and we’re ecstatic to about what we have achieved since then. Winter 2018-19 has now seen us provide our first winter of completely carbon neutral holidays. Not only have we offset all the carbon associated with our holidays, together we have also planted more than 440 trees in local UK communities, from schools to public spaces.

After some exciting changes last year, our colleagues at skiFinland have had an incredible first winter under their new name, embracing not just Lapland, but the whole of skiing in Finland. Our exclusive Santa holidays are having a bit of a makeover for Christmas 2019, so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already.

With new products, partners and destinations all lined up for winter 2019-20, we are all set for another exceptional season. So whether you are a family, couple or group in search of a ski holiday, an adventure in the snow, the northern lights, a touch of luxury or a Sail and Ski-touring holiday, do get in touch, for the best winter holidays, designed exclusively for you.

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