Sustainable Skiing in Norway and Sweden

A greener way to ski!

Whilst we wish your ski holidays be snowy and white, we want them to be as ‘green’ as possible too!

Our commitment to reducing the impact travel has on the environment is something we hold very close to our hearts, and by choosing to travel with us we can proudly say you will enjoy an exceptional ski holiday which is both carbon neutral and environmentally conscious.

Our Commitment to the Environment

To date, we have offset 1,249 tonnes of CO2 by supporting various projects with Carbon Footprint. We’ve protected and planted trees both in the Amazon and UK, repaired boreholes in Uganda, developed solar power projects in India, and provided efficient cookstoves to families in Sudan.

By offering carbon neutral holidays, we can help protect our destinations for current beneficiaries – our customers, local residents, regional flora and fauna – and also help to preserve these beautiful places and the fantastic sports they provide a platform for, for future generations.

We look forward to working with Carbon Footprint on some incredible projects to offset again this year!

Scandinavia's Commitment to the Environment

Scandinavia is world leading when it comes to sustainability, and we work with some incredible suppliers who share our values on climate change and the environment.

  • Hydropower regularly accounts for more than 90% of total Norwegian power production, with the small remainder made up by thermal and wind power.*
  • Non-fossil fuel (HVO100) is being used across ski resorts we work with in Sälen, cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 90%.**
  • For the first time in the Scandinavian mountains region, a fully electric-powered piste machine was tested in Sälen during Easter 2023. The HUSKY eMOTION piste machine from PRINOTH is still in the concept phase and, as the first operator in the world, SkiStar have been able to test it and help the supplier to develop the machine with the aim of eventually introducing it into their fleet.***






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