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Summer holidays for an active family

Unforgettable summer holiday adventures in Scandinavia

For the active family, winter holidays are a breeze, skiing, snowboarding or an active winter holiday in the snow are obvious choices to keep all sizes and ages of family entertained. Historically for summer holidays there has been much more pressure on chasing the sun rather than going in search of the best activities for you and your tribe, however people are realising that a happy family makes for a good holiday, even if they are in waterproofs not swimwear.

Not that we’re saying you’re bound to get wet on a summer holiday in Scandinavia; they had the same heatwave as the UK in 2018 and in general the weather in summer is much like the UK, but the scenery could not be more different. With true wilderness still available in large parts of Scandinavia this is a chance to escape on an unforgettable holiday adventure.

Mountain biking for all ages

Many of the ski resorts in Scandinavia open their chair lifts in the summer and turn their ski slopes into mountain biking trails. These mountain biking resorts are set up just like the ski resorts, with different gradings for different difficulties and routes ranging from flat or gently undulating for the littlest bikers, to jumps, tree trails and banked corners for more experienced rides and adventurous older teens.

These resorts still have all the great infrastructure of the ski resorts; high-quality hotels with pools, good restaurants and in general are family friendly from babies and toddlers to teenagers and mum and dad. You’ll often find other sports there too, including golf, high ropes, kayaking, white-water rafting, horse riding and more.

Water sports: from canoeing to surfing

In Scandinavia you are never far from water, be it the ocean, a lake or a river. The unique coastline of Finland, Sweden and Norway mean you are never far from the ocean whether you are beside a majestic fjord, strolling on a sandy beach or exploring a quaint fishing village. Plus, there are literally hundreds of thousands of lakes in Scandinavia –there are more than 180 thousand in Finland alone– so if you love water sports then Scandinavia is surely on your bucket list.

Here are some ideas:

  • Idling around inlets in a canoe near Stockholm –city of a thousand islands– and picking a deserted island for your picnic
  • Surfing on the Arctic ocean in Lofoten –keep an eye out for dolphins and sea eagles
  • Kayaking lessons in Central Norway, with maybe some white-water rafting too
  • Hiring a canoe in Finnish Lakeland and jumping in for a swim
  • Fishing in Lapland –catch yourself some supper
  • Boat safari to go whale watching in Arctic Norway

Getting about: Cars, trains, bikes and boats

With a well-developed infrastructure and a vast majority of the local population speaking fluent English you can make your journey around Scandinavia part of the experience. Whether you fancy a self-drive holiday from Helsinki to Stockholm (don’t worry, there is a ferry) or would like to take one of Norway or Sweden’s world-renowned train rides, there is something to explore to suit all tastes.

Discover the Vikings

How about enticing your family young and old with a themed holiday? It’s time to discover the home of the Vikings; Denmark, Norway and Sweden all have a choice of fun and informative Viking activities. Oslo has its own Viking ship museums, with actual Viking longboats preserved and discovered in a bog which are now on show to stimulate imaginations young and old. In Denmark there are lots of Viking themed activities, from visiting historic rune stones to the fun and informative Ribe Viking centre, plus Denmark is also the home of the original Legoland!

Really wild wildlife

You don’t have to travel to Africa to enjoy an exciting safari or have a close encounter with animals. Wolves, bears, polar bears, whales, dolphins, seals, eagles, reindeer and elk (also known as moose) are just a few of the animals that make their homes in the vast wilderness of Scandinavia. From polar bears in the remote frontiers of Svalbard and elk in the vast wildness of Lapland, to beautiful UNESCO beaches in Denmark which are home to seals and vast numbers of nesting birds; for the budding or established animal lover there is wildlife to discover in all parts of Scandinavia which doesn’t require a long-haul flight.

Personalised for you

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