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The Best Spring Skiing:

Where to ski at the end of April

The skiing season in Scandinavia stretches from November through to May, and even June in some places. So, if you’re wondering how late you can squeeze in your last skiing fix, worrying about how late this year’s Easter holidays are, or are just after a spring holiday with a difference, then read on.

Contrary to popular belief the ‘best’ skiing doesn’t finish in March. Quite the opposite, with days stretching past the 12 hour mark and temperatures hovering around zero but with a good chance of snowfall, April in Scandinavia is a stunning month to go skiing. Even the ski resorts in the ‘south’ of Norway stay open until the last weekend in April, and with a whole season of snowfall behind them you’re looking at a full host of open lifts and runs, quite often to yourself.

Where to Ski in April

There is a lot of choice, and where you go depends mostly on what kind of holiday you’re after. We love Lapland in the Spring, and resorts like Riksgransen and Bjorkliden in Sweden, and Narvik in Norway are a great choice for late spring skiing and ski-touring. They are also ideal for a taste of the far north without any worry about the shorter days and colder temperatures from the start of the season. If you’re really looking to push the season to its glorious end then why not check out Riksgransen in May, when they will host the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, ideal if you’re after fabulous spring skiing and a vibrant atmosphere.

Skiing in April for Families

For families looking to make the most of the late Easter holidays then we recommend Trysil, which has a snow guarantee right through to the 23rd April. Don’t put off booking if you’re looking for skiing over Easter, the folks at skiNorway tell us they’re almost sold out (again – and there won’t be any magic extra rooms this time) so be quick.

Contact skiNorway today on 0207 199 6010 for April in Trysil, or skiSweden on 0207 199 6011 to find out more about April or May in Swedish Lapland.

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