Skiing without the children

What to do on a kid free ski holiday?

It is the holy grail of family skiing… a skiing holiday without the children. Maybe it’s only been a couple of years, perhaps it’s been 16 or more, but when you finally have the chance to leave the kids behind – whether it’s because they are with other family, they are on a school trip, or simply that they have finally decided you are not cool enough to ski with them – here’s what you can look forward to.

1. Your day is now your own and the ski resort is your oyster

Not out of the locker room at 8:45? It no longer matters. On the other side of the mountain at 11.45 because you missed a turning? Now there is no need to call the resort representative to ask them to keep an eye on your children while you work out how to get back to the meeting point without going on a black run.

You can explore the piste map from edge to edge without worrying about ski school drop offs and childcare pickups. Legs feeling a bit tired on Wednesday, why not stop for a long lunch…? Or see point 4

2. Hire a guide or an instructor

Now that you don’t have to head back to base at midday to meet the children from ski school or childcare you have the whole day to explore and improve your own skiing. Chances are you’ve spent the last few years paying for ski school for the children and possibly neglected your own technique or not got around to exploring as much of the resort as you would like. Now you’re not paying for your kids’ ski school, why not treat yourself to a private lesson, or hire yourself a guide for a few hours, or even the day?

Hiring a guide can be a great way to explore the mountain and find areas you might not normaly visit. It is also a great way to unwind as suddenly you’re not in charge of making decisions or reading the piste map. You can just relax and follow the guide. Lessons too, are a great way to see different areas or ski different slopes than you might normally. Plus, it’s easy to pick up bad habits when you’ve spent the last few years thinking more about the kids’ safety than where your weight is positioned over your ski. A good instructor will give you things to work on after the lesson as well, so you’ll feel the benefits through the whole holiday.

3. Eating made easy

You no longer need to plan in advance where you’re going to eat each night so you can book tables, because if turn up at the restaurant and you can’t get a table right away you can always sit and have a glass of wine in the bar. There will be no getting mithered by impatient and hungry little bellies, no wails of being bored, no handbags stuffed with computer tablets and toys, just you and your food, and perhaps a glass of wine or a beer or two.

You can also sample that gorgeous looking A la Carte restaurant without having to pay fine-dining prices for extra bellies who would rather have burgers anyway. It’s time to immerse yourself in the local cuisine.

4. Use the Spa…

That hotel spa you usually look at longingly from the children’s arcade area? You are now free to go, and in the adults only hours, so you’re guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A traditional sauna, or maybe a 15-minute relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi is surely a perfect mid-week refresher for tired legs.

If you’re feeling extra indulgent, you could even treat yourself to well-deserved massage to really dust those mid-week aches away. Just remember, surely you would normally end up spending that money on the kids for something, so you’re still saving!

5. Add a bit of sight seeing

Because you’re no longer tied to ski school and school holidays you can now mix up your skiing holiday. Why not try visiting a few different ski areas or adding a couple of days onto the end of your trip to visit a local city or town? Something like touring Swedish Lapland’s most beautiful ski resorts before ending up skiing on the side of a Norwegian Fjord and dropping in to Oslo for a few days on your way home.

Well, I would say you know where I will be, but sadly I have a 1-year-old son… so I’ll be stuck with ski school drop offs for a while yet. Enjoy the spa!

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