Skiing in Lapland:

Not just for Christmas

Chances are, when you think of Lapland, you think of Father Christmas, especially at this time of year. But incredible holidays to Lapland don’t stop once Santa has done his rounds. If you’re looking for an exceptional winter holiday and haven’t thought about Lapland, then you’re missing out.

Not just for Christmas

Like every good present, whether self-brought or a gift, Lapland is not just for Christmas. Once the Christmas presents have been safely delivered and Father Christmas takes a long overdue rest, the other occupants of Lapland are just getting started for their seasons of good cheer. Of course, we’re talking about the skiing and winter activities season which last throughout the winter and well into April. The Northern Lights too, are in prime viewing season right through until March, ideal if you want to tick the Aurora off your bucket list while still getting in plenty of skiing.

The skiing

You can ski in Lapland from the start of December right through to the end of April. The slopes are challenging enough to host various rounds of the FIS World Cup Skiing Championships, while the ski schools come highly recommended, so we’re pretty sure they’ve got all abilities covered. Being further north means reliable snow conditions throughout the season. While being more widely known for its other activities (Saint Nick, we mean you) means that the slopes are beautifully quiet but the resorts are still well-developed and connected.

The Non-Santa other stuff

Don’t get us wrong, we love Santa but the guy needs a holiday just like the rest of us. If we were Santa we know what we’d be doing in our down time; probably husky sledding beneath the Northern Lights for a bit of relaxation, reconditioning the reindeers' ground footwork with a sleigh ride through the fells (so they’re ready for their summer foraging – you can’t fly beneath trees), meeting with the local Sami people (for a catch up or just to negotiate elf rights and magical flight paths, who knows), and maybe doing a bit of cross country skiing to work off all those mince pies.

Sadly, the big guy hasn’t been in contact yet, but if that sounds like fun, then your specialist at skiLapland would be happy to put together a personalised holiday package for you too. The skiLapland team have a huge base of expertise to craft your ideal holiday, or if you’re still looking for a Half Term holiday for the February then why not check out the range of inclusive packages, or give them a call on 0207 199 6012.

Disclaimer: Santa has not endorsed this blog post, this is all conjecture by the skiScandinavia Facebook manager, who was feeling particularly festive.

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