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Ski in Finnish Lapland for Beginners

A guide for people new to skiing and Lapland

This week we’ve invited one of the skiFinland specialists to share their hints, tips and insider info on skiing in Finnish Lapland. For more information on the other fabulous regions of the Arctic please don’t hesitate to get in touch, a member of the team will be happy to answer your questions.

Lapland: Where is Lapland?

Lapland is a large region in the north of Scandinavia, which technically spans from Norway, through Sweden and Finland and into Russia. Historically, it’s the home of the Sami people; nomadic reindeer herders. These days it is better known as a fantastic activity holiday destination, a fabulous place to see the Northern Lights and as the home of Father Christmas. The region is an incredible destination if you want to combine your skiing with these and many other superb experiences.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly given its location, Lapland has some of the most reliable snow conditions in Europe. The result of this is that the dramatically beautiful area is also host to some world-renowned ski resorts. While there are plenty of gnarly slopes and challenging snow parks for advanced skiers and snowboarders if they want them, Finnish Lapland’s rolling fells and tree lined hills make for some of the best ski resorts for beginner and intermediate skiers in Europe. There are loads of reasons to discover your passion for winter sports in Lapland, but this well-kept secret has one stand out benefit that all our customers love: the slopes are beautifully quiet, even in the school holiday weeks.

Still not sure Lapland is the destination for you? Below we’ll debuff some myths and share our top tips about skiing in Lapland. And hopefully, we’ll see you there next winter.

False: Lapland is difficult to get to.

There is a growing selection of direct flights into the heart of Lapland, straight from the UK. Direct flights from London to Lapland are as short as 3 and a half hours. The flights are generally into smaller, local airports so the transfers are often less than an hour, and can be as fast as 20 minutes. That means you could be in your hotel just 5 hours after you take off from London.

Some flights are via the vibrant Finnish capital, Helsinki, but even then, often short transfer times mean that your take-off to hotel check-in times are comparable to direct flights to other destinations that have a longer transfer to resort. Helsinki also makes for a fantastic place to stopover for a night or two on your way to Lapland. This cosmopolitan city offers fantastic experiences to its visitors, from culinary delights to world leading design.

False: Lapland is dark all the time

Depending on how far above the Arctic Circle you venture, Lapland does experience the polar night either side of the winter solstice. This can last from as little as a few days to 2 months the closer you get to the Arctic coast. It’s not completely dark in the day, instead you get a magical twilight and the chance to experience what is known as the blue light, or polar light. With moonlight reflecting off the snow you can often see clearly without the need for a torch. This enchanting time of year is great for floodlit skiing, torchlight sleigh rides and provides ample time for Northern Lights hunting.

If you think that’s not for you, then consider visiting from February, when the rapidly lengthening days are more than 8 hours long. Still doesn’t sound like enough time to squeeze in all your skiing and activities? By the beginning of April you’ll have 14 hours of daylight to enjoy. And if that’s still not enough daylight for you, you’ll have to come back in June, when you can bask in the midnight sun, though we can’t guarantee any skiing by then… or can we? A couple of resorts have special summer solstice skiing, for the opportunity to ski beneath the midnight sun in the middle of summer.

True: Lapland is great for beginner and intermediate skiers

We’ve mentioned this one briefly already, but it’s not just the great selection of rolling slopes that make Lapland so good for beginner and intermediate skiers. The ski schools are excellent, with highly qualified, English speaking instructors who –arguably most importantly– are passionate about making sure you enjoy skiing as much as they do. Plus, Lapland is still relatively unknown to British skiers, so you’ll almost have the slopes to yourself for practicing. There’s a great selection of easy to reach ski-in/ski-out accommodation, so you can have convenience without the stress, or if you prefer, we can offer a stunning selection of secluded log cabins and luxury villas to choose from.

True: Lapland is one of the best places in Europe for Northern Lights holidays

The northerly latitude, continental climate and low light pollution make Lapland ideal if you’re keen to see the Northern Lights. Plus, you can combine Aurora hunting with your skiing holiday, so you don’t have to choose one or the other. As well as specific excursions, such as snowmobiling sledges with glass roofs and guided photography tours, there is also a great selection of iconic Northern Lights specific accommodation that you can add onto your skiing holiday. Spend a night in a glass roofed igloo beneath the stars –and hopefully the Aurora,– visit remote wilderness cabins and much more, all available as part of your skiing holiday.

If we’ve inspired you to consider your next skiing holiday in Lapland, why not get in touch? Call 0207 199 6012 to speak to one of the skiFinland specialists about your ideal skiing holiday, or you can send us and email (enquiries@ski-finland.co.uk) and we’ll get back to you with more information.

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