Our favourite activities to try on your skiing trip to Scandinavia

One of our favourite aspects of skiing in Scandinavia is all the extra activities you can try alongside your skiing holiday. Husky sledding is the popular favourite, but you can try all sorts of other activities too.

Best for thrill seekers

  • Snowmobiling
  • Ice-karting/driving
  • Heli-skiing

 Snowmobiling in Iceland

A group stop to take in their surroundings part way through their Snowmobile Safari in Iceland.

Best for exploring the snow-capped hush

  • Husky sledding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross-country skiing

 Snowshoeing in Lapland

Snowshoeing is a fantastic way to explore the peace and quiet of the snow-capped Scandinavian fells. Photo: Jani Seppänen, Visit Finland.

Best at night

  • Star gazing
  • Northern Lights hunting
  • Horse sleigh rides

 Sitting beneath the Northern Lights in Lapland

Northern Scandinavia is the perfect destination for hunting the Northern Lights thanks to less light pollution.

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