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Oslo Winterpark: City break and ski holiday in one!

Combine your ski holiday to Norway with a city break in Oslo

Oslo Winterpark offers the perfect combination of a city-break and ski holiday in one unique package, so we thought we’d offer you our 5 top reasons to visit the resort.

1. No long transfers - Oslo Winterpark is just 30 minutes away

Fly to Oslo, and you can be at the Oslo Winterpark in just 30 minutes! That means you avoid long transfers to the resort, and can be on the slopes the same morning as you fly out! What’s more, Oslo is available on all low-cost airline routes direct from all major UK airports, so you have no excuse to not be riding the perfect Norwegian snow within hours of leaving home!

2. Oslo Winterpark boasts the largest terrain park in Norway

For those of you on the search for adrenaline, Oslo Winterpark not only has the largest terrain park in Norway, but it is also home to the annual Oakley Arctic Challenge snowboard event. It is meticulously groomed and maintained, alongside a boardercross track and super pipe, and has features for all levels of skier and rider, from beginner through to pro.

3. Perfect for beginners and progressing too

Maybe you haven’t long built your snow legs, or you have friends/family in your party who have never tried skiing before? Not only does Oslo Winterpark have a fantastic new beginners area, but also the longest green run in Norway, to help you build your confidence while witnessing some of Norway’s spectacular scenery. They also have one of Norway’s largest ski schools for all levels of skier/rider to enjoy learning under some exceptional instructors.

4. Perfect for cross-country and exploring too

If you want to get out and explore some of the scenery Norway is famed for, Oslo Winterpark will not disappoint. You have access on your doorstep to over 2,000km of fantastic cross-country ski areas around Oslo, enjoying the magical forests and spectacular views, all within 20-30mins of the city centre.

5. Don’t forget you’re half an hour from the spectacular city of Oslo

Oslo is one of the world’s most impressive cities, with a whole host of exciting areas to explore. By being just 30 minutes away from the Oslo Winterpark you can enjoy everything the city has to offer, from fantastic bars and restaurants, through to world-renowned museums, galleries and parks. You can choose to combine your city and ski holiday, or even let non-skiers enjoy the city while you head to the Oslo Winterpark for your snow fix. Whatever you decide, Oslo Winterpark has it all.


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