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New Direct Flights to Ski in Sweden

Fly direct from London to Åre Östersund

This winter sees the launch of a brand new flight route direct from the UK into the heart of Sweden. The weekly flights between London Gatwick and Åre Östersund are in response to the ever growing popularity of Sweden as a skiing destination. As snow reliability becomes a key factor for choosing your skiing holiday, people have been looking further north, and combined with everything else Sweden’s ski resorts have to offer the popularity of skiing in Sweden is on the rise.

Åre Östersund airport is just over an hour from the world-renowned ski and snowsports resort of Åre. Boasting the largest continuous skiing area in the country, Åre is the host of World Championship skiing and cross-country races and is already well known within Scandinavia. Now we’re expecting the popularity of Åre to skyrocket with the British as access to this world class resort becomes even more convenient.

Where to stay

A stay in Åre Village is perfect for those in search of a bustling resort with a welcoming atmosphere and great services, recommended for couples and older families who want to be in the heart of it all. Nearby Åre Bjornen is a smaller and generally quieter area in the resort and with a fabulous beginner skiing area it’s perfect for families and those new to the snow. Bjornen is also where you will find the renowned Copperhill Ski Lodge, ideal if you're after a luxury skiing getaway.

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