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Hello Helsinki! A fantastic ski holiday stopover in Helsinki

When booking your ski holiday to Lapland, why not immerse yourself in the Helsinki culture for a weekend too?

The team at skiFinland are not only on hand to pick the best resorts and locations across Scandinavia for your ski holiday, but can also support you with plenty of unique options to help truly tailor your holiday to everything you could dream of.

One of our most popular requests is a weekend break in Helsinki to start or end any of our Lapland ski holidays. Here’s why…

Rich in culture

As the capital of Finland, Helsinki is rich in culture and history for everyone to explore. Whether you enjoy browsing museums, exploring galleries, or relaxing with a fresh coffee while overlooking the sea, Helsinki has plenty for every taste. You can span the city by foot, taking in all the unique Art Nouveaux architecture, or sample some of the city’s cuisine in one of its many delicious restaurants.

Shop til you drop

From shopping arcades through to open-air markets, you can be sure to bring back some truly unique items from Helsinki, whether that be a special Finnish gift for a friend, a piece of local Finnish fashion for your wardrobe, or some local delicacies for your fridge.

The vibrant atmosphere

Helsinki boasts an incredible range of fantastic bars, restaurants and cafés, from local coffee shops to those playing live music. At night, Helsinki opens up to embrace everyone who steps foot into the city into its nightlife – from cocktail bars through to nightclubs playing music from all over the world.

The surroundings

As if Helsinki itself wasn’t enough to explore, the city is bordered by over 330 islands, waiting to be explored by you. With boat trips available, day and night, you can explore the local beaches or witness the beautiful landscape at sunset, while watching the city lights twinkle as it merges into the night.

The flights

Flights from the UK to Helsinki fly directly from most major airports and we can combine a city break to Helsinki with any of our skiFinland holidays. Contact us now to find out more.

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