• Adaptive skiing lessons are accessible to everyone
  • Explore the mountain on a sitski
  • Additional needs children are integrated wherevere possible

Adaptive skiing in Norway, Sweden and Finland:

Accessible ski holidays for disabled skiers and those with additional needs

Skiing is a fun and engaging sport that is accessible to everyone. Adaptive skiing lessons and equipment are available in Norway, Sweden and Finland to ensure that everyone can experience the thrill of winter sports in the mountains.

Accessible ski lessons and adaptive ski equipment are available for a range of disabled skiers, skiers with additional needs and their carers:

  • People who struggle with muscle weakness or balance issues
  • Wheelchair users
  • The blind and visually impaired
  • Additional needs students
  • Carers wishing to support their charges

Through a range of specialised equipment, qualified instructors and trained guides, adaptive skiing can help beginners as well as existing skiers who are looking to get back onto the slopes after a change. Lessons and equipment training are also available for carers to learn to use assistive equipment such as sitskis.

What is a sitski?

A sitski is a seat mounted on 1, 2 or 4 skis with a handle at the back. The skier is securely strapped into the seat and the descent is controlled either by a trained skier who holds the handle and controls the turn, or by the person sat in the chair who can use 2 hand-skis to make turns. A sitski is a great way to access the mountain and explore skiing and winter sports.

There are a few types of sitski: A cartski has 4 skis mounted beneath the seat, it is very stable and good for beginners it can go on most lift types except chair lifts. A biski has 2 skis mounted beneath the seat, it is more dynamic but still stable and can go on all lift types. Equipment with one ski beneath the seat is simply referred to as a sitski and is the most dynamic option for advanced skiskiers and can go on all lift types.

Skiing for the blind and visually impaired

It is also possible to ski if you are blind or visually impaired, either with the help of a guide or using a sitski.

Inclusive ski lessons for children

It is important that children get the chance to integrate with their peers and are not separated unnecessarily. That is why we also offer accessible lessons integrated into our funSki Academy lessons where possible (funSki Academy is offered by skiNorway and skiFinland). If a student needs 1:1 attention their lesson can run alongside the funSki group, allowing them to be socially included but still get the help they need to have a safe and fun experience.

Where is adaptive skiing available in Norway, Sweden and Finland?

We can arrange your adaptive skiing equipment and lessons in Trysil ski resort with skiNorway, Sälen and Åre ski resorts with skiSweden and Levi ski resort with skiFinland. These are modern resorts with accessible accommodation available as well.

We would love to help you get the most out of your winter holiday experience and can offer personalised suggestions on where to stay as well as coordinating lessons, equipment hire, suitable transfers and any other additional needs you might have during your holiday.

Please get in touch with us for more information and to discuss your individual needs and requirements, one of our expert team would be thrilled to help. Use the 'ENQUIRE NOW' button below or give us a call on 0207 199 6015.

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