• Photo: Kalle Hägglund Vemdalen
  • Photo: Sverre F. Hjørnevik Mykdalen
  • Photo: Mattias Johansson Riksgransen
  • Photo: Hlidarfjall

6 ski resorts you have never heard of

And some fun facts about them

Want to wow your family with your obscure general knowledge? Or are you just looking for a good topic of conversation to start talking to your father-in-law on Boxing Day? Here are six ski resorts you’ve probably never heard of, plus some fantastic facts to sprout while you’re shelling peas or peeling potatoes.

Vemdalen Ski Resort

Vemdalen ski resort is in central Sweden and is actually 3 ski resorts and 4 villages combined into one incredible ski area. Collectively they have 58 ski slopes and 35 lifts, two of which are the 2 fastest lifts in Scandinavia, and one is the longest – great for fitting in as much skiing as possible during your holiday.

Saariselkä Ski Resort

Saariselkä ski resort is the most northerly ski resort in Finland. Saariselkä in in the municipality of Inari, which is the largest in Finland but the most sparsely populated, and has 4 official languages, the most of any region in Finland. The town of Inari is the cultural centre of the Sami – who are the native people of Lapland, and sits on the edge of Lake Inari, which is the third largest lake in Finland.

Myrkdalen Ski resort

Myrkdalen ski resort can be found nestled in the dramatic fjords of west Norway. This picturesque resort of rolling hills and idyllic beginner areas harbours an incredible secret – it has an average annual snowfall of over FIVE METERS! It’s not that surprising given that nearby Bergen is considered the wettest city in Norway, and once all those rain clouds get pushed up over the mountains and reach Myrkdalen the snow just keeps falling. Head to Myrkdalen if half your group is after powder and the other half needs lessons or wants beautiful groomed slopes.

Riksgränsen Ski Resort

While we’re on the topic of snow records, before Riskgränsen in Swedish Lapland became a ski resort it was a mining village and back at the start of the 20th century the village was actually abandoned because of too much snow! Obviously that is the opposite of an issue now that it is a ski resort with one of the best snow records in Europe.

Hlidarfjall Ski Resort

Did you know you can ski in Iceland? Well, you probably do if you read this blog regularly, but most people aren’t aware that you can ski on Iceland’s stunning mountains overlooking dramatic fjords. Hlidarfjall ski resort is Northern Iceland’s largest ski resort, and Iceland’s second largest, the largest it just outside Reykjavik.

Hafjell Ski Resort

You probably have heard of Lillehammer, host of the 1994 winter Olympics in Norway, and if someone says they are going skiing in Lillehammer, it’s probably the slopes of Hafjell ski resort that they have spent the week cruising. The town of Lillehammer doesn’t have its own ski slopes, so it was Hafjell ski resort where the Olympic skiing events took place.

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