4 Reasons families should book their next ski holiday now

The sun is out, temperatures are on the rise (along with the water table), and probably the last thing you think you need to remember to do, is to book your next skiing holiday. However, right now is actually the prime time to get everything booked. Our family skiing experts share their top tips on why booking in advance is the domain of the savvy family skier.

4. Get the best prices

Booking early means the cheapest flights, and accommodation. Flight prices are driven by demand, the less seats remain, the higher the price, and similar with accommodation. You’ve got two ways to find cheaper flights and accommodation, book early or go out of peak times. If you can’t be flexible and/or you’re confined to school holidays, then you’re unlikely to find any bargains, and actually all that’s likely to happen is flights/accommodation will get sold out. That means the best way to get a great value skiing holiday is to book early.

3. You only need to pay a deposit to book with a Tour Operator

Most holiday companies or travel agents only require you to pay a deposit to secure your holiday. So if your bank account still remembers your last ski trip, or your thinking booking now means sacrificing your summer holiday, there’s no need to worry. Securing your holiday by deposit means you still get all the advantages of booking in advance, and your summer holiday fund is safe.

2. Your first choice might be sold out by September

Many of the most iconic accommodations, such as glass igloos and luxury ski-in/ski-out log cabins, sell out 12-6 months in advance, as there are a limited number of them and returners book them up quickly. However, last winter even our most popular apartments for Half Term skiing holidays sold out before Christmas, leaving even some of our regulars with no choice but to switch to Easter or choose a different resort. Not to mention that the chaps at skiNorway already have limited availability for some accommodation for February Half Term. All in all, it's best to get in contact early if you’ve got your eye on something in particular, especially for Half Term.

1. Now you can relax

Once you’ve booked you can relax and enjoy your summer, smug in the knowledge that you don’t have to think about skiing until the nights draw in again. Unless you’re off to Dubai for a dabble in their indoor ski centre – in which case, do you need an instructor to go with you?

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